I think I’ve mentioned before that I’m not the type of person that has multiple projects on the needles at the same time.  If I do, I usually switch back and forth between the projects until I complete one.  Until this past year, I didn’t really have an UFO pile because I never really had projects that were abandoned.

That changed in the past year.  I got in a jam with a few projects that weren’t going quite the way that I’d planned, and, rather than biting the bullet and dealing with it right then and there, I flitted off to a new, more cooperative project.

This left me feeling pretty guilty.  My daddy always told me to finish what I started, one way or another, and I just wasn’t doing that.

I’m making moves to correct that. 


The pretty, pretty purple in the upper left are the remains of the Eleanor socks.  The yarn came from YarnPig, and I loved everything about it.  Unfortunately, the mostly-complete first sock was a size 6.5 or 7 when it really needed to be a size 8 or 8.5.  I decided that I loved the yarn too much to sacrifice it on a project that wouldn’t fit hardly anyone I knew.

The darker gorgeous purple in the upper right are the remains of the Stansfield 304 socks.  The socks were gorgeous.  Once I got the hang of the stitch pattern, it went smoothly.  And I love the Wollmeise yarn too.  Unfortunately, these socks suffered the opposite problem of the Eleanor socks.  The Stansfield 304s were WAY too big.  I swear… They could have fit my husband.  (Alas, though he loved the yarn, he wasn’t so fond of the pattern.  Bum!)  I tried to tweak the socks several times to get them to the right size, but all I managed was to make it worse.  So I frogged these too.  As it turned out, this was a very good thing.  I discovered broken plies in the yarn in the area where I was tweaking.  Fortunately Wollmeise has such awesome yardage that I can cut out the bad yard or two that took the worse beating and still have enough to make two pair of socks.

I reskeined the yarn for those two, and it’s already dried and ready for use again.  They look so pretty hanging together that I almost wish there was a way that I could combine the two.

The bright blue yarn at the bottom came from the Alexander onesie that I started.  That got put aside when I realized that the onesie would be wide enough to fit a four year old but too short to fit a twelve month old.  At some point, I pulled the needles out, because I “needed” them for something else.  I can’t even say for sure what size the needles were.  So I frogged it.  I washed the yarn right after I took this picture.

With the Doctor Who socks finished and these projects frogged, this leaves two projects still on the needles.  I’m going to finish Baby Bobbi Bear, because my daughter wants him.  (I think he looks goofy but she adores him.  Go figure.)  I’ll likely frog the Slippin’ Stripin’ Socks.  While I love the colors and the yarn and I like the theory of the pattern, it’s just too much of a pain in the neck for my liking.  Hell will likely freeze over before I can force myself to pick them up and finish them.  I think I’d rather just use the slipstitch concept with some of my handspun and save the yarn to make a nice scarf or two for my sister-in-law.  (She went to Ohio State University, so she’d love the scarlet and gray.)

I’m feeling good about frogging neglected projects and about making plans to eliminate the rest of my UFOs.  It makes me feel more free to move on to either another attempt (like the Eleanor socks) or to totally different projects.

Have I mentioned that, though I enjoy my job, I’m really, really enjoying my time off?

One thought on “Frogged

  1. mary anne

    It does feel good to frog a project that isn’t going well. I hope you have fun choosing new projects for your lovely yarn.

    I hope you enjoy every moment of your time off work.

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