Announcing the new addition to our family!

Meet the new addition to our family! His name is “Hermie”, and he’s a dwarf hamster!

Hermie (short for Hermione Granger of Harry Potter fame) was born on Thanksgiving 2001 to Ellie’s cousins’ hamsters. We were visiting there at the time, and Ellie was just enamored with the little hairless bean. Later, as Alan’s sister and I were talking about Christmas, and I joked about her giving Ellie a hamster for Christmas.

Jokes tend to take on a life of their own! A couple weeks later, after we returned home, Alan’s sister emailed me and asked if she could really give Ellie a hamster for Christmas. Alan and I talked and decided that, since we knew that Ellie would be so happy with the gift, we should say “yes”.

Sure enough, when Ellie opened the package containing the hamster cage, food, and book, she was speechless. All weekend, she kept repeating, “I can’t believe I’m going to have a hamster!”

This really was a big step for her. Hermie is her first pet, so she’s learning for the first time what a big responsibility they are. But so far, she hasn’t bucked her duties.

She has read the book that she received and another that we have purchased. She quotes things out of the book.

“I should wash my hands before handling him.”

“I should just offer him my hand at first.”

“After he gets used to me, I can pick him up like this.” (She folds her hand the appropriate way to show that she knows what she needs to do.)

Hermie is quite the happy hamster. He lounges in his CritterTrail home and awaits the delivery of some tubes where he can scamper around. He has a ball in which he roams around bumping into things. And occasionally, we set him loose in our bathtub, where he runs around like he’s free.

Hermie may very well end up being the most pampered hamster in the world!

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