I hate spammers!!!!!

Is it just me or has spam been on the rise?

Lately, I’ve been getting buried in spam. Not just the old fashioned, “Hi! My name is Bambi!” type (which, ironically, my husband never seems to get). But spams advertising products from reputable companies.

Well, quite frankly, I’ve had it! I’m disgusted with it! So I’m fighting back in whatever way I can.

My latest attempt is to encourage people to boycott companies who use spammers to advertise their products. My first target is Symantec, whose product Norton System Works has been advertised in a number of recent spams. So I wrote Symantec this morning stating my position. Maybe if every person who receives such a spam sends the same letter to companies who use spammers to advertise their products, the companies will pull their funding of these loser spammer companies!

Here’s my format. Depending on who it is and how angry they make me, the format may vary!

Dear [insert company name],

Do you wish to consort wish these illegal activities of spammers? This is illegal and criminal as it violates California State Law based on current litigation that was recently ruled upon by the California Appellate Court in Ferguson v. Friendfinder.

Spam is not welcome and those of us average citizens are tired of it and I personally boycott companies that feel they can steal from me.

Do you wish to steal from those that might wish to utilize your facilities or would you rather have a great public image?

Currently you folks are associated with this spam. I received the following spam with a “special offer” for one of your products. I did not authorize that this spam be sent to me. What’s worse, all attempts to unsubscribe from this spammer’s list have been ignored.

Until such time as I stop receiving spams about your products, I will not purchase further [insert company name] products. Further, I will encourage others to do refrain from purchasing [insert company name] products as well.


[insert your name]

[insert copy of spam with email header here]

To date, I have sent this letter to the following companies:

– Symantec (spammer Hi-Speed Media)

Also, I started an experiment. My web hosting package includes unlimited email addresses. So I created a special one for one of the web sites that I frequent. Currently, that address is only visible to the owners of that web site. If I start receiving spams there, I will know where at least some of the spam is coming from.

One thought on “I hate spammers!!!!!

  1. Regarding Unlimited Email with your Hosting

    I have the same option except they also include unlimited “filters” so I set up a filter through the control panel (it IS easy enough to do every time) and have it bounce back with “I dont want spam.”

    I set up a seperate filter for each account and track which sites send spam based on what address they use, then I can report those sites to the UCE organizations that are already out there. My host is http://www.referable.com and a good site on stopping spam is at http://songseek.com/spamorg/.

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