Another critter invasion!

Meet Frog, Sheep, and Turtle

Lest you think that I spent the entire summer working on nothing (except a tiny horse), meet my latest critters! The patterns are all from Crafty Alien.  These patterns were better than the last ones that I used.  There were no mistakes at all!  Yippee!

BTW, my boss really LOVED the horse.  Several staff members have also commented on how wonderful it is.  The school secretary made the comment that I should make “bunches” of them and sell them.

The more that my co-workers see my knitting, the more I realize that most people have absolutely no clue what goes into it.  There are some people who just kind of shrug it off as no big deal (and who think that knitted gifts are a blatant effort to be cheap).  There are some people who think that knitting is cool and knitted gifts are valued but who also believe knitters can just crank out items without thought.

While I’m sure that there are some knitters who can, I don’t happen to be one of them. I don’t have lots of knitting time.  I also don’t have lots of motivation to knit things that I really don’t enjoy knitting.  So if I give a person a knitted gift, it means that I cared enough to take my time and energy to do it.

I’m sure that you can imagine the look that I gave the secretary.  I then told my boss, “There ya go!  I’ll quit my job and knit critters all day.  She said it was OK.” and flounced out of the room.

Yes, indeed… I do know how to make an exit!

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