Another successful consumer hissy fit

One lady at our school took upon herself to organize a raffle. She found people to donate all of the prizes, created all of the paper work, copied and distributed all of it, collected all the money… She did EVERYTHING pretty much by herself, and she didn’t tick one person off. Due to her efforts, she raised $2200 for the school playground.

This wasn’t a small amount of work. So the VP of the PTO and I thought we would present the lady with some flowers at the drawing tonight.

So I was in Sam’s Club tonight when I saw these really gorgeous flower arrangements. There was no sticker or price on them, so I started looking for the manager of the department. By the time I’d returned, some other lady had laid claims to all 20 of the arrangements in the case. I wasn’t amused. I was even less amused when I found out that the arrangements (which looked like $20 arrangements) were $7.

So I demanded one of the arrangements cine no one had been in the flower department when I arrived. The other lady refused to sacrifice any of them. (“I don’t have enough as it is.”)

So I started grumbling about people not being in their departments, products not be priced properly, yada, yada, yada.

The poor department manager didn’t have a chance!

So he said, “Anything you want! Take anything you want in the department, and I’ll give it to you for $7.”

So I did.

3 dozen blush roses with purple german statice. The arrangement I took was a $40 arrangement.

Poor sap! 🙂

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