Opening ceremony for the Ravelympics

In honor of the Olympics, some of the fun folks over at Ravelry have organized the Ravelympics.  The goal is to complete one or more projects over the course of the seventeen days of the Olympics.

I’ve joined for two different teams.  (Unlike the real Olympics, Ravelry doesn’t force anyone to choose just one affiliation or event!)  I’m participating in the Felting Freestyle for TEAM TARDIS and in the WIP Wrestling for Team Sisters of the Wool.

My first event will be the Brainwash Bag for the Felting Freestyle.  I’ve had the Brainwash Bag in my queue for what seems like forever.  I bought the yarn over a year ago, but by then, the pattern had disappeared from the web.  A few months ago, I noticed that the designer had added the pattern to Ravelry.  Since then, I’ve been looking at it with trepidation and thinking that it would be a good idea to put it off even longer.

Learning a new knitting skill is sometimes like jumping off a cliff into deep water.  You know you’re going to survive, but at what cost?  Is it worth the risk?  Or is it better to be safe?

I’ve both desired and feared the Brainwash Bag for so long.  It’s simple intarsia.  I know that I should be able to do it, but previous attempts have been met with frustration and failure.  I decided that the Ravelympics was a good time to finally meet the challenge head on.  And, since I’ve announced my intentions on Ravelry, there’s no backing out!

Yarn for Brainwash Bag

Yarn for Brainwash Bag

Today, I studied the pattern and made my first move.  The pattern is worked using two strands throughout.  To simplify juggling of yarn, I wound the yarn double-stranded.  That way, I only have to worry about juggling two or three balls of yarn instead of four or six.  We’ll see how that goes.  I’m sure it will be one of those occasions when I’m glad that there is no camera around to show the world how incredibly uncoordinated I am!

In addition to the bag, I’m going to be making a pair of Fiber Trends Felted Clogs (for Felted Freestyle).  I’m hoping that Julia will help me with the clogs if I get stuck.  She’s knitted about thirteen pair so far, so she knows the pattern backwards and forwards by now, I’m sure!   And, if that isn’t enough, I plan on completing my Clementine Shawlette (for WIP Wrestling).   I’m about 60% done with that.  I’ll probably go for completing the Shawlette before I work on the clogs since the Shawlette requires less concentration.

I’m really excited about the challenge of finishing all of these projects in such a limited amount of time.  If I finish everything, I’ll have eliminated at least six skeins of wool that have been in my stash for the last year and another skein of sock yarn that has been in my stash for about six months.  That’s lots of yarn!  Plus, I’ll have two Christmas gifts and one retirement gift done months ahead of schedule.  It may be an impossible dream for me, but isn’t that what the Olympics are all about?

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