I won a medal!

I succeeded in finishing my Ravelympics project for Team TARDIS and thus won my first Ravelympics medal!

Brainwash Bag

Brainwash Bag

The Brainwash Bag was my first ever intarsia project.  It’s been on my queue forever, but the Ravelympics was just the kick in the pants that I needed to do it.

I’d give my intarsia efforts here a C.  I stranded the yarn in the back so that I didn’t have a huge mess on the back of the knitted panels.  Unfortunately, I think I pulled the yarn too tightly as I went along, because the gauge in the stranded section was different than the gauge in the part without stranding.

Felting covers a multitude of sins, so it’s not so obvious on the finished project. You can see the gauge issue is in the shape of the top.  It’s supposed to be straight, but it it’s kind of swoops instead.  You can also see that there are vertical ridges where the yarn in the back cinched up in the felting process.

Still, I declare the project a success.  I originally bought the materials and picked the pattern so that it would be a gift for one of my daughter’s friends.  However, my daughter is going to steal it.  She says that the swirl looks like a stylized “e”, which is her first initial, so it must be hers.  Plus, she dragged a top out of her closet that has the exact same colors as the bag.

I am considering lining the bag and adding a magnetic snap at the top.  (I bought this brilliant prismatic fabric for the lining back when I bought the yarn.)  I’m not going to do it now, though.  There’s no way that I can sew and watch the Olympics at the same time!

4 thoughts on “I won a medal!

  1. Batty

    Your bag is fabulous! There’s nothing at all wrong with it. I love felted crochet because it hides how badly I suck at crochet. But your intarsia looks just fine (if it’s not ugly when it’s done, it’s right, right?).

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