Clean up

This afternoon, I looked around the house and said, “Ugh… time to clean up!” So I yelled, “Ellie, let’s get to work!”

We started on Ellie’s room. Found the drawing book that she had been sobbing because she couldn’t find the other day (shoved in her puzzle drawer). Found several toys she thought she had lost. Found her floor.


Went to the dining room, which doubles as Ellie’s crafting area. Cleaned off the table. And 3 bottles of glue (2 partials left over from school and a partial bottle from home use). Found 2 rulers. Found a bunch of Happy Meal toys. Found the table top.


Moved on to the playroom, which is in the basement. Found 12 Barbies. Found one doll shoved in the oven of her play kitchen. Found about a million Barbie shoes. Found a butterfly kit that she had tried to set up and then realized she had no catterpillars.

Then I started finding surprises. Fruit roll-up wrappers. Chewy Fruit Chews wrappers. Candy wrappers. All shoved into corners and in boxes.

I looked at Ellie and said… “Oh.”

I gave her that look. You know the one.

Ellie shuffled. “Well, you remember when my friend came over?”

Yes, I remembered that.

“Well, she was still a bit hungry when she got here. And she saw the shelves down here and saw the food on them and thought she would help herself.”

(We have some storage shelves in an area outside the door to the playroom. I stock up on things when I find a sale or can buy in bulk. It’s my back-up reserves for when I forget to go to the grocery store.)

Now, this I can believe. The girl’s mom never has stuff like that around the house. And she is just a tad sneaky. Ellie, on the other hand, has ready access to that kind of stuff. She can have it whenever she wants it, and she never eats when she’s not hungry… Not even to please a friend.

By the time we were finished cleaning the playroom, we had found 5 Fruit Roll-Up wrappers and 5 Chewy Fruit Chew wrappers.

I told Ellie she was just as guilty as her friend because she knows that they’re not supposed to be eating in the playroom. (House rules.) She also knows that she’s not to take food off the shelves without telling me (because if we run out and I don’t know it, then she won’t have it when she wants it).

Growing up sure is difficult!

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