Slumber party

Throwing a slumber party for 9 girls. Am I out of my mind?

The girls are watching the end of “Snow Dogs” right now.

Everyone had a good time, though for the life of me, I really, really wish that we had invited two less girls. These two girls bickered non-stop all evening. One of them is the girl I’ve been sitting for in the morning and afternoon. And the other is a girl that I knew was something of a problem. When it was time for us to sing “Happy Birthday”, the girl went down to the playroom and refused to come up. When I asked her why, she said, “Because no one is paying attention to me.”

Live with it girlfriend! It’s not YOUR birthday.

A heifer in the making, for sure. :p

The real hit of the night was a pair of buckets from Creativity for Kids. These paint buckets were filled with nail, hair, and body tatoos, stickers, “jewels”, and stuff. The girls had an absolute blast and then put on a concert.

In a way, it was disturbing. My daughter ran up and changed out of her shorts and t-shirt and returned in another shirt and a pair of jeans. I was shocked at how old she looked.

Anybody touches that girl (or any of her friends), they die.


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