Little Grump’s First FO!

Ever since the Little Grump was a baby, I’ve been making Halloween costumes for her.  As the years went on, she became less interested in the candy haul and more interested in the costumes.  Now she’s 15, and she still wants a new costume every year.

Little Grump surprised me this year though.  She came to me and said, “I want to be Riku from Organization 13 in Kingdom Hearts 2.  Oh… And… uh… well… I’d like to do the sewing this year.”

You could have knocked me over with a feather!  I tried to get her interested in sewing a few years back.  She showed a passing interest but never got beyond buying the material for the project.  Every time I asked if she was ready, she said, “I’m busy.”  That project got stuffed in the back of the closet where it still sits today.  About a year ago, I tried to teach her knitting.  She worked on it for a couple hours, but that’s as far as it went.  Her work sat on the coffee table for a couple months.  I needed the needles for another project, so I frogged the project and used the needles and yarn for something else.  She didn’t even care.  So I rather suspected that, while she may have been gung ho to learn, it might just be another passing fancy.

Not this time!  She pretty much dragged me through the project!

So we spent lots of time together as I taught her the basics.  She went through the whole thing, working hard, looking at her work critically and ripping without complaint when it was required.  Her diligence and enthusiasm paid off though.

Riku Organization 13We started with the Simplicity pattern 5386, which is for Neo’s coat from the Matrix.  The coat that the Little Grump wanted had a zipper up the front instead of the flap, so I showed her how to find the center of the front and modify the pattern for the zipper.  She also wanted flared sleaves instead of fitted ones, so I showed her how to change that too.  Finally, she wanted a hood instead of a collar.  That was a little more tricky, but we worked through the details of that.

The fabric she chose is a fake suede that we found on sale at JoAnns months ago.  It turned out to be the perfect weight for Texas in October as well as a good weight for the pattern.

Little Grump is very proud because she did most of the work for the project.  The exceptions were the parts that were more advanced skills… Setting in sleeves, the zipper, and hemming (which I did by hand because this fabric was very unforgiving with the attempt at a sewn hem that we did on a scrap of fabric).

She wore her costume to the Texas Motor Speedway on Friday night for Truck or Treat.  The highlight of the night for her was when the sales people at the No Fear souvenier truck gushed effusively over her coat.  The lady especially went on and on about how cool the coat was and how she wanted one to wear every single day.

So guess what the Little Grump wants to do now?  Yep… She wants to wear the coat to school!  We’re still discussing that option.

She also wants to tweak the costume’s accessories.  We ran out of time to give them the attention that she feels that they need.  I suspect that she wants to go to a Cosplay gathering sometime, and she wants to look the part.

No matter what, I’m proud of the Little Grump.  I’m also curious as to whether the sewing bug sticks.  I hope it does.  It’s a useful skill!

3 thoughts on “Little Grump’s First FO!

  1. Angeluna

    Lots of things “cooking” at your house with Little Grump. Congratulations to her on the band accomplishments. And I’m so proud of her for the costume. Yes, sewing is a very useful skill to learn.

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