Baby Boom!

There has been a baby boom at work that started around the beginning of last year.  Lots of babies and grandbabies has led to a nearly daily announcement of some baby-related news.  (I’ve been religiously avoiding the water in some of the halls as well as the candy in the Principal’s candy bowl.  I’m convinced that she’s laced the candy with extra hormones in the hope that she’ll have her own grandbaby!)

The good thing about having a baby boom at work is that I get the opportunity to dust off some of the baby patterns that I’ve been wanting to make for ages.  In the past month, I’ve finished four separate baby projects.

The first set is for a baby girl whose father is one of the three male teachers in the school.  The family already has three boys, so the teacher seemed totally clueless abut what to do with a baby girl.  I decided that I needed to make something especially girly for this baby.

Sweet Baby Cap Saartje's Booties

On the left, we have the “Norwegian Sweet Baby Cap“.   The pattern was easy and turned out really well.

On the right, we have the “Saartje’s Booties the Bockstark Way”  Again, the pattern was easy and turned out really sweet.  However, the next time I knit this pattern, I’ll build the buttonholes into the straps (rather than creating them later).  As it was, it took me a couple weeks to get around to that last finishing step.  If I wasn’t up against a calendar (and the reality of showing up at the shower empty-handed), I might have put it off even longer!

The second set that I knitted was for a boy whose middle name is going to be “Race”.  Being something of a racing fan myself, I wanted to give the baby something with a bit of a racing theme.

Old World Booties - Serf Booties Little Boy Vroom!

On the left here are the Serf Booties from Interweave Knits’ Old World Booties pattern.  These booties turned out cuter than I expected, which is good because felting them was the biggest pain in the neck!  The pattern is knitted on size 2.75mm needles with worsted weight wool.  That means that the fabric was really tightly knitted with almost no room for felting.  After shocking the booties with cold water and then hitting them again with boiling water, they did finally felt.

On the right is the hat I call “Little Boy Vrooom!”  I started with the Little Boy Blue pattern from the Baby Beanies book and modified the striping pattern to add the checkered flag across the center.

The irony of this project is that I chose the red, black, and white colors because of their popularity in racing themese.  I later found out that the mom went to Texas Tech.  So she hd more than one reason to love the colors!

I’m now going to take a tiny break from baby projects.  I have some Christmas gifts and other stuff that has to be finished soon.  (The next baby isn’t arriving for a bunch of months!  I have time… Right?)

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  1. Panhandle Jane

    Those are adorable. I’m surrounded by Tech fans as well as teaching at a high school whose colors are red and white with black creeping in, so that set looks particularly patriotic.

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