Poor guy

It goes something like this.

I made the Sweet Baby Cap and Sjaarte booties for the baby of a guy with whom I work.  I wasn’t able to attend the shower because I was teaching Computer Club.

At about 4:30, the guy walked into the lab and said that they loved the set and thought that it was absolutely adorable.  I asked him if they fit, and he said (as most men would, I suppose), “Uhhhhhhhh…. Didn’t think to check.”

I told him to check.  You know, just in case they didn’t fit.

The next day, he came in and said, “The hat didn’t fit.”

I was crushed.  His baby was a preemie, and though I haven’t seen her, I really, really expected them to fit.  But he assured me that it didn’t.  “I tugged and tugged and couldn’t get it over her head.  She was NOT happy with me, I tell you!”

I kinda moaned (inside, I screamed) and said, “Well, measure the baby’s head for me, please.  There’s another knitted hat that I want to try.”  (There really is!  Have you seen this one?  Too darned cute!)

I then asked him if the booties fit.  Again, the blank stare.   I forced myself not to roll my eyes.  After a pause (as the light started to go on in his head), the guy said, “I guess I should check them too.”

The next day the guy came in and said, “You’re going to be mad at me.”


“They both fit.”  He looked rather embarrassed.

I just looked at him.

He said that, as he was starting to leave the house, he was running around trying to find the hat and booties so that he could return them to me when his wife noticed his frantic searching.

His wife asked him what he was doing.   He explained.

I can just imagine the look on her face.  “Honey, they both fit.  The baby has worn them already.  There’s no way you’re taking them anywhere!”

Apparently, he accused his wife of messing with his head, but she insisted that yes, they DID fit.  The baby had worn the hat twice and the booties once.  The baby’s grandmother had gone completely batty over them.

The man stood in my lab looking like the sixth grader that I caught chewing on a headphone cord.  (The child was so zoned in on the work he was doing that he didn’t realize the cord was in his mouth!)

I didn’t know what to say.   Poor guy!

One thought on “Poor guy

  1. Angeluna

    I’m wondering how this guy tried to get the hat on the baby. Is he teaching children?

    The Lullaby League Bonnet Pattern looks cute (to us grown-ups). I would only knit it for children too small to know what it looks like. I had one just like it as a two-year-old or so. I HATED it. Thought I looked like a garden gnome or one of the dwarves from Snow White. I ripped it to shreds so I wouldn’t have to wear it any more. I have pictures!

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