Just in time!

The holidays are coming fast!  I’ve been so busy knocking out projects for baby showers that I haven’t given enough time to the Christmas projects that I planned way back in January.  (Serves me right for procrastinating!)

I started this gift for my sister-in-law (who I know hasn’t yet discovered my blog) back in November.  I’ve gone back and forth between it and everything else in part because I needed to get other projects done and in part because the pattern is pretty darn repetitive.  (A person can only repeat the same six stitch sequence so many times before the person goes completely bonkers or catatonic!)

Completed AibhlinnI finished it today… Just in time to wrap it up, throw it in the big bag with the other gifts, and stuff it in the car.  In theory, I could have made it the 24″ spec’d in the pattern, but with the lack of time, I finished the knitting when I reached 18″.  After blocking, it’s more like 16″, but it’s bigger around than it was before.  I blocked it like that on purpose, because I really wanted it to have some drape to it.

When I first thought about blocking this project, I wasn’t quite sure how to do it.  I was up against the wall (with only a few hours left in which to dry it), and it’s knitted in the round.  I finally decided to loop it over the wider end of my ironing board and point a fan at it.  After a couple hours, I turned it so that the top part was hanging down and the (now dry) part that was hanging was laying flat.  It worked like a charm!

The little grump looks cute in it, and the “pooling” that caused the striped effect turned out really well.  Because it’s knitted in 3-ply wool (from 100purewool.com), it’s toasty, toasty warm.  I hope my sister-in-law loves it.

I know one person who would love to have it if my sister-in-law hates it.  My co-worker “Sophy” has long, dark curly hair and a warm skin tone.  One day, she and another co-worker saw me knitting this and wondered what it was.  To demonstrate, I adjusted the needles slightly (to make sure no stitches would fall off) and pulled the finished part over Sophy’s head.  I adjusted the bobbled end to drape over her head, just to illustrate what it would look like when finished.  Even in its unfinished state, it looked absolutely stunning on her.

I can only hope that it looks half that good on my sister-in-law.  Her coloring is more like the little grump’s, so I think she will be OK.  In any event, she said she wanted a purple cowl.  So she’ll have one!

Believe it or not, I’m not done with my Christmas knitting yet.  I have one more project that I’ll work on during our trip to the frozen North.  Rumor has it, the pattern is quick.  I’m going to be putting that rumor to the test!

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