Holiday knitting

The big Christmas rush is over, for the most part.  We’ve done our yearly trek to Ohio (which suffered a huge four hour traffic jam in Kentucky!) and made it back in one piece.  Along the way, I had a bad cold, so the amount of knitting that I accomplished was less than what I expected.  Still, I’ve made headway.

Bella's MittensFirst up are Bella’s Mittens, which are for my niece Emily.  They’re not done yet, but they will be soon.  I would have finished them except for the fact that I didn’t have the right needles or the patience to do the thumbs using magic loop.  I may finish those tomorrow.

These babies are warm beyond belief!  Emily will likely be happy about that, seeing as how she lives in Ohio, but they’d certainly be overkill for Texas.  I’ve used up the Mauch Chunky (some of which I used for the felted clogs a couple months back).  They’re a little scratchy, but I’m hoping that will work itself out after I wash and block them.

On the way back to Texas, I made a washcloth.  There are about ten million things on Earth that are far more interesting to knit than dishcloths, but…

As crazy as it seems, this is the one thing that my hubby asks me to knit.  He loves the hand knitted dishcloths and says that they are far better than any other dishcloth he’s ever used.  The way that I figure it, if he’s willing to keep me well-supplied with yarn and doesn’t complain when I go out to knit night, I’m more than happy to make what he wants… especially if what he wants is to do the dishes using the cloth of his dreams!

I started this dishcloth on the Saturday night before I left and had it finished before we left Ohio.  And he’s happy!

Waffle Weave Washcloth

My last holiday knitting project is for the little grump.  She wanted a hat that would keep her warm on her walk home from school, so I had her look through the Ravelry pattern list for hats.  She zoomed right past the fashionable ones and started fixating on one of the goofiest hats in the lot… The Chain Chomp hat!  It looks like one of the Chain Chomps that started showing up in the Mario video games for the Nintendo starting around Mario 3.  It’s a big iron ball on a chain that starts out snoozing.  If Mario got to close, it would start barking like a dog and stretching the chain in an attempt to get free.  If the Chain Chomp broke his chain, he’d chomp down on poor Mario’s head.

Chain Chomp HatMy family is SO not normal!  But… since I had all of the supplies for the hat in my stash, I had a hard time telling her “No.”

I started it as we left Ohio.  I had the hat half finished by the time we got home.  A couple days of rest and a little bit of fiddling with the teeth in the pattern later, and it was finished.  The little grump says it’s everything she wanted, and she can’t wait until her friends and classmates declare that she’s totally insane (which is pretty much what everyone save one at knit night said I was when I showed off the hat).

I’ll probably spend the rest of the holiday break working on the mittens and perhaps on a couple of washcloths too.  I have lots of kitchen cotton that I want to eliminate from the stash, and it will score a few more “good wife” points from the hubby.   Did I mention that my family is not normal?

6 thoughts on “Holiday knitting

  1. mary anne

    I love those mittens and the hat is crazy but cool! Your husband has excellent taste with his love of dishcloths ^.^ I am crazy for them too.
    Happy New Year!

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  3. Lynn

    Am I safe in assuming that the person who thought you were not-insane is related to me? Thank you for helping Middlest figure out the teeth on her mini-Monster hat.

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