Itty Bitty Monkey Bum

On more than one occasion, the ladies in my knitting group have been convinced that I’ve lost my mind.  I knit goofy things.  Most of them aren’t practical at all!

I’m weird that way.  I rarely knit anything for myself.  Most of my knitted items go to my daughter and friends.  I get my enjoyment from knitting the items, seeing my daughter’s eyes light up when they’re finished, and seeing the reactions of others.

Well, if my friends have thought I’ve gone a little bonkers before, they’re REALLY going to think I’ve lost it with this one!

Itty Bitty Monkey BumThis little guy comes from a pattern from a new designer to me: Jelly Bums.  She has a growing number of non-felted critters.  I chose to do the monkey for the first one as a gift for a friend who wanted a knitted monkey.

This little guy turned out smaller than I expected he would.  According to the pattern, the finished item is supposed to be 4″ tall.  Mine turned out 3″ tall!  The pattern called for DK weight yarn, and I used worsted weight (Wool of the Andes).  I’ve been doing some major head-scratching, trying to figure out how mine came out so much smaller.  The pattern did not include a specified gauge, so I suspect that I knit MUCH more tightly than the designer.

I did make a couple modifications to the original pattern.  I knitted both arms using magic loop and the tail using i-cord.  There was no way in the world that I was going to knit and seam a 4-6 stitch wide tube and seam it!   I also added some rows to the body and arm length because the number of rows noted in the pattern would have left me with a 2.5″ tall monkey!

He’s a cutie, though, and I can’t wait to give him to my friend.  I’ve no doubt that she will love him!

3 thoughts on “Itty Bitty Monkey Bum

  1. Angeluna

    Awwww! Have you seen Blue Moon Fiber Arts monkeys? I’m about to start one of those. Hope he’s bigger. They put photos of the ones done at Sock Camp somewhere and they were roll in the floor hilarious.

  2. Batty

    So cute! Who cares if it’s practical?
    Then again, maybe we just have the same mindset… when I took pottery in high school, I made all of these shapes that looked interesting together, only to have the teacher consistently ask, “What is it for?”
    I don’t know! It looks interesting. You display it because it looks interesting. Does it have to have a purpose other than that? My answer would be no.

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