I can breathe now!

I’ve been working on the Clementine Shawlette for about six months now.  I knew that a dear friend was going to retire in January 2009, so I thought I’d better start early.  The knitting went quickly enough, but when I got close to finishing the two halves, I stopped.  Just the idea of kitchenering 69 stitches had me frozen in fear.

Well, now we’re here in 2009.  My friend has already retired, and the retirement party is next weekend.  I wanted to have it washed and blocked in time to show it off to the ladies at knitting, so I finally forced myself to do it.

Out of the big 150g skein of Wollmeise that I started with, I had 18g left over after the knitting.  I suppose I could have done a couple more repeats, but I didn’t want to make it too long.  (The intended recipient is petite anyway, and she’s lost about 10 pounds since she retired.)

Clementine ShawletteThis afternoon I told Mr. Grump and Little Grump to please, please, please not disturb me and locked myself in my bedroom for some one-on-one time with the project.  Armed with my trusty iPod, some instructions from Knitting Daily and TECHknitting, DPNs, and a few extra supplies, I sat on my bed, turned on some music (David Arkenstone, if you must know), and got to work.

I don’t think I breathed much during the entire time I worked!  I kept repeating the mantra… over and over.  Instead of getting more and more relaxed (like a normal person would, I got more and more nervous.  Certainly I’d screw it up… With about 12 stitches to go, I almost couldn’t remember the mantra because a louder voice was screaming, “You’re almost there!  DON’T MESS UP!”

Am I the only person who has that problem?  Maybe.  Or maybe it’s just that I want this project to be really special for the recipient.  She’s an awesome lady who has had more than her fair share of crap dealt her way.  I want her to have something nice.

Clementine Shawlette

But now it’s done.  I wish I’d done a few rows of stockinette at the end of the two sections before I grafted them, but oh well… At least the Kitchener doesn’t look like complete crap.  And I didn’t lose any stitches.

I now only need to weave in some ends, wash, and block.  After dinner, probably.  I want it to dry tonight and tomorrow so that I can show it off at knitting!

3 thoughts on “I can breathe now!

  1. Susan

    Yeah…I’ve been knitting for five years and I still hyperventilate over the Kitchener. Then I have friends that say “Oh…Kitchener…It’s so easy.”.

    I’m glad I’m not the only clueless person!

  2. Jeri

    Yay for done!!
    Kitchener and I are not friends…
    If you check the inside of my sock heels you’ll find I three-needle bindoff more often than not. Probably the yarn harlot would not approve, but I’ve not been hauled away by the knitting police. Yet.

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