Geeky toys are hard to get!

A month or so ago, my pal Karen (the art teacher for whom I’m collecting yarn) mentioned that she wanted a USB drive.

Now, Karen is a great artist (“just like Picasso”, says one of her students!), but she’s not exactly a geek (yet). So she asked what to look for.

So I decided to shop for one for her birthday. The way I figured it, I’d find one long before she had enough confidence to pick one up. And it’s great to give a 20-something (cough!) exactly what they want for their birthday!

So I scouted around and found one from a company called There’s nothing on their web site stating their location, but, being the big dummy pompous American that I apparently am, I assumed that it was in the US.

I didn’t get an order confirmation, but I did get a PayPal receipt saying that the order had been processed. I chuckled gleefully and waited for the toys to arrive. (What? You think I can order from a geek toy site and only buy one thing? Surely, you jest!)

Then I waited some more.

Karen’s birthday came. Karen’s birthday went.

I waited a little more.

Then today, I sent them an email asking about the status (at about 11 PM). I was surprised by receiving an almost instant reply. They sent me a package tracking number where I can follow the status of my package. I checked it out right away.

On February 23rd, my package was last reported as being in the “Registered Mail Section”, “Dispatched to Overseas” on its way to JFK Airport via Singapore Post.

It turns out that is in Hong Kong!

It may very well be Christmas before the package arrives!

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