Happy Easter!

Tonight, I decided to free myself from the relentless garter stitch nightmare (aka the Equal Parts blanket) and make something fun for the Little Grump for Easter.

Bunny Nuggets

These Bunny Nuggets are from a pattern by Rebecca Danger. This is the first item I’ve done from one of her patterns, but I doubt it will be the last. (She has a variety of patterns for whimsical monsters that are just dying to join my critter collection.)

This project was fast and easy. I started at 7:30 and was done by 11:30. Two critters of any size, with everything sewn on and stuffed, is a small miracle, especially when knitting in the round is really not all that much different than garter stitch! The instant gratification was nice, and I’m sure that the Little Grump will love these two.

By the way, the Bunny Nuggets tell me that those Fudge Reese’s eggs are FANTASTIC!

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