My new camera

I’ve been wanting a digital SLR camera forever.  It’s not that I wanted to give up the simple point-and-shoot functionality and be a big photographer all the time, but I did want to be able to get better stage and action photos than I could with my two previous digital point-and-shoot camera.  (The flash on both of these cameras was pathetic, and I spent way too much time with Photoshop to clean up the pictures from the school productions.)

My husband decided to reward me for surviving a really tough year by giving me a new camera for Mother’s Day.  (He thought that the time was right because my daughter accidentally dropped my old camera.  The lens cap broke and every photo has been just the teeniest bit blurry since then.)  The new camera is a Pentax K2000, and so far, with the only lens that that came with it, it is very nice!

Unfortunately, with it being the last week of school, I’ve been so busy running around that I haven’t had much time to play with it.  However, I have been playing.  Here’s one of my shots:

My new camera

That’s the wing of a little metal bird that is on a wire poked into a flower pot in my backyard.  The amazing thing about this picture is that I took it on a windy day.  The little bird was bouncing back and forth so much that I couldn’t see any of the details of the wing… Not even the little bits of cobweb and grass that are all over the wing.   With my old camera, this picture would have been horribly blurred (and that was before it was dropped).

But with the new camera… I’m amazed at the detail!  And the colors are perfect despite absolutely no retouching on my part.  (I very rarely had that happen with my old camera.)  If you click on the photo, you can bring up a full-size image.

Today, the camera is going to get a workout.  It’s the last day of school, so I’m sure that there will be plenty of opportunities to try every single function!

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