Moving on down

The job offer finally came through!

My guess is that the move will be sometime between Nov 18 and December 18. Much depends on how long it takes to find an acceptable place to live. He’s going to find some possibilities, then I’ll fly down to give the final approval. Hopefully, we’ll move less than a week after that.

I know that I do NOT want to live in another district that is as bad as the one we’re leaving. I’d like to be one is at the other end of the spectrum. (I found one possible place where the schools are mostly rated Exemplary or the high end of the Recognized rating.)

So Alan is going down to start work on Nov 11. We had some people just call about temporary housing for him to live in until the family comes down.

I’m just praying that his search for a home for us all doesn’t take too long.

The more I find out about this corporate move business, the more I like it. We have a “moving coordinator”, which pretty much means that I sit on the sidelines and let her do all of the arranging that I’ve done for our other moves. She has about 20 other people who seem to be doing different things for her. So we have all these people calling and saying, “HiI. My name is so-and-so and I’m going ta help ya’ll with whatever.” So the phone rings and I say, “Honey, it’s another of your entourage!”

Cracks me up!

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