Brainless Cabana Boys

Once I finished with the blanket, I knew that I needed to work on a project that was as “not brown” as possible.  Fortunately, I received a shipment from Yarntini that filled the bill exactly!  The yarn is a semi-solid wool/nylon fingering weight yarn in a colorway called “Cabana Boy”.  The blues are so vivid!  If you like blue at all, you can’t help but love this yarn!

With a colorway name like that, I could only think of one pattern to go with it.  It’s the “Brainless” pattern from Yarnissima.

Really… What woman doesn’t need a Brainless Cabana Boy?


Brainless Cabana Boy - Done!

I really liked the pattern.  It wasn’t totally brainless but just brainless enough that I could make fast progress.  Due to gauge differences, I added 8 stitches to the circumference and then increased to a larger needle size for the upper part of the cuff.   My one issue with these socks is that they’re the tiniest bit too long… More like a size 9 than a size 8.5.  They will work for me, but I’m half tempted to give them as a gift to someone with slightly larger feet.  It would be a shame because they are really, really pretty!

I’m so impressed with how the heels turned out on these socks.  I don’t know if I’ve ever done my wraps and turns properly before, because unlike all of my other knitted socks, the wraps and turns are practically invisible!  I’m really looking forward to doing more of Yarnissima’s patterns!

3 thoughts on “Brainless Cabana Boys

  1. Lynn

    If it walks like turquoise, and it quacks like turquoise, then it is not-quite-blue, and gorgeous! I love Yarnissima’s patterns, too. Since I have to frog half an inch on Firstborn’s sock, maybe I should rename it “Brainless” and take it from there…

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