More evidence that moving is good

Our school district is extremely lousy. How lousy? Less than 40% of the students in my daughter’s school passed the state tests for math and reading last year. And the average for the district is that only 60% or so students passed.

It’s BAD!

So the district had a tax referendum on the ballot. It didn’t pass. (However, the referendum for a new Senior Center did.)

From what I heard, the district is already running at a deficit. And I have heard that they will be making some big cuts in order to make up the difference. Here’s a list:

– Gifted education
– Reading recovery
– Art
– Music
– Any teacher with less than 7 years experience

When asked why they voted against the school referendum, folks said, “I’m not giving the district any of my money until they show some signs of improvement.”

Now, maybe it’s just me who thinks so, but people in this area are dumb as rocks.

I gotta move!

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