I’ve always heard that one should avoid darker colors when doing intricate stitch work and cables.

I say, “Bunk!”

Many years ago, Mr. Grump purchased a navy cabled sweater from some store or another.  It quickly became my favorite sweater, and I wore it for years, until the sleeves became so frayed that it became an embarrassment.  Oh, let’s be honest… I still wear it at home.  It’s a tad ratty, but I love it!

Anyway, back when I was doing Equal Parts, I wasn’t really happy with the color of blue yarn that I had purchased for the project.  Second-guessing myself, I ordered a second set of blue Swish DK from KnitPicks.  The color that I received was much darker than expected but completely lovely.  It was inappropriate for Equal Parts, but still very nice.  Instead of returning it, I decided to keep it for a later project.

Oct 8, 2009When I heard that my daughter’s third grade teacher was expecting, I knew that I was right to hang on to that yarn.  And I knew just the pattern to use.  I’d seen Trellis on years ago, and after seeing Micki’s version of it, I knew that I wanted to knit it for “that special baby.”

I started it months ago, but being a bit ADD in the way of my projects, I didn’t finish it until yesterday. For the most part, the pattern was straightforward, though the way that the collar instructions were worded had me sending a last-minute panicked PM to Micki to straighten me out.

I’m really pleased with it, despite one big mistake in the middle of the back (if you zoom in on the pictures, you’ll likely find it) that I decided just gives it character.  (At least you know that it was made by human hands!)  The silver buttons cost more than the yarn for the project, but they were worth it, I think!  I love how the sweater looks like a smaller version of a big-person sweater.

The one thing that I didn’t like about this sweater was the amount of seaming.  For such a small project, I couldn’t believe the number of ends to be weaved in!  If I were to ever knit this again, I’d do the body in one piece, pick up the stitches at the shoulders, and knit the sleeves in the round down to the cuffs.

This has also left me feeling like maybe it’s time to make a big girl version of this sweater, maybe in the same color.  My navy sweater isn’t going to hold together forever, and I need nice sweaters in the winter, even in Texas!

2 thoughts on “Trellis

  1. Batty

    Very pretty! And that blue is stunning. It shows the cables just fine — I guess you just have to find the “right” dark yarn!

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