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Things have been really busy lately.  It seems like we *just* had Thanksgiving, and already we’re two days away from the Winter Break!

Things in the Grump household are especially busy this time of year.  When we’re not running off to an activity for Little Grump, I’m running off to one of mine.  I like to attend as many as the activities at my school as I can, because I get to take tons of pictures for the school web site and for the yearbook.   I really enjoy all of the craziness though.  It wouldn’t be the holiday season without so many concerts and parties!

I’ve been looking at the pictures I’ve taken this year with glee.  Mr. Grump bought a new telephoto lens for my spiffy digital SLR, so I’ve taken tons of pictures that the subjects aren’t even aware I’ve taken.  I have so many gorgeous close-up pictures of the school children!  All of them are totally candid, so I have caught some of them at times when they are at their most genuine.  I wish I can share them with the world, but alas… There’s that pesky confidentiality thing!  Anyway, I’m getting really excited about doing the yearbook this year!  (Remind me that I said that in March, when I’m killing myself to finish it in time!)

At home, I’ve been cooking up a storm.  I’m no Martha Stewart, but it seems my Buckeyes have become sort of an expected holiday treat at the school.  I’ll be taking some in on Friday to appease the folks who have been asking me when they’re going to make an appearance.  I also made Chex mix, puppy chow, peanut brittle (from my friend Rebecca), and chocolate covered pretzels.

In between all of that, I’m trying to finish up my Christmas knitting.  I don’t think I’m going to get everything done that I wanted to do.  Most of the items will wait until after Christmas, as the recipients are either very loving and patient or out of town.  However, I did want to complete two pair of fingerless gloves.

Tonight, I finished the first pair.

Maine Morning Mitts

These gloves started out using a different pattern, but the pattern was so unbelievably poorly written that I frogged the original.  Then I tried the Maine Morning Mitts pattern as written.  I finished the first mitt up to the thumb and realized that there was no way they would work.  My tight knitting got me again, and they would have been too small and too short.

So I tried again with nine more stitches.  These fit me well, but I think it will fit the intended recipient perfectly.  Fortunately, the mitts are REALLY stretchy, so they will fit a wide range of sizes.

See my new mitten blockers?  Those were a gift to me from Lynne over at 7 Yaks.  Back when I was working on Bella’s Mitts, I wrote to her to ask her about mitten or gauntlet blockers.  She sells really awesome sock blockers that are clear and totally wonderful, and I thought that mitten blockers made out of the same material would be great to have.  She hasn’t even thought of such a thing, but she obviously found the idea compelling.  We exchanged a few emails over the course of the year, and then a month or so ago, I saw that she had finally released a version of them.  I was so excited that I ordered a pair right away!  Being the wonderful person that she is, she canceled my order and told me that she wanted to give me a pair for free for giving her what may turn into a profitable idea.

About a week later, I received not only one but TWO pair of mitten blockers.  One is shorter, perfect for mittens, and the other is gauntlet length.   They are fabulous!  The thumbs are removable so that they can be adjusted for different length hands.  I don’t know how she did it, but they’re perfectly sized for my hands.   I like them so much that I might actually purchase the next size smaller.  The other pair of mitten blockers that I need to make are going to be for a much smaller hand than mine, so I just might need them!

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  1. Batty

    Got to love ribbing. It stretches, it makes things fit… it’s fabulous. The mittens are awesome. And those mitten blockers! I’ve never seen anything like them before.

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