Good news / Bad news

The latest is one of those good news/bad news deals.

Good news: Our rental application was approved.

Bad news:

– The owner wants us to move in on Dec. 1 (The Sunday after Thanksgiving)

– The owner wants me to sign the lease on Nov 30 (The Saturday after Thanksgiving), which means I’d have to be in Texas by then

– We have to buy a refrigerator as most rental properties in Texas do not have them. (This state is so dang foreign!)

– Hubby forgot to have the leasing agent ask the management about pets. We don’t currently have a dog or cat, but we’ve been selling Ellie on the idea of a move for months with “If we move, maybe you can have a dog or cat.” I’ve reminded him of this repeatedly and he’s still forgot to ask. Sheer manliness or passive aggressive behavior of someone who doesn’t want a cat or dog around? You decide.

I need to change my mood to “completely frazzled and ready to start hitting the hard stuff”!

The relocation coordinator told me today that she has gotten people moved with 1 day notice before. When I pointed out that we’re approaching a holiday weekend, she said, “No problem. We can do anything.”

I wonder if she goes home at night feeling like God.

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