More evidence that moving is good (part 3)

This is absolutely ridiculous.

We’ve lived here for over 4 years.

When we first moved in, we had 5 college age guys living in the other half of our duplex. Other neighbors complained that they were loud, but other than the fact that they had the bass on their stereo set way to high on occasion, they weren’t ever that bad. I certainly never complained about them.

When they moved out, a mother and her 6 adult children moved in. Even though there were hoards of people coming and going, they really weren’t all that annoying. They had occasional parties, which made other neighbors complain. But they never really bothered me. They were very respectful and always told us well in advance of their parties, so we were always prepared. And on the one occasion that they did get too loud, they realized it and calmed it down without anyone complaining.

That family moved out this past Spring, and the owner, who had rented the place before and who owns this side of the duplex as well, sold the place. The new owner was a woman about my age, her parents, and her two teenage daughters.

Ever since they moved in, the kids have played their music really loudly in the evenings. Given that it always adheres to a schedule, I’m assuming that it’s during a time when both mom and the grandparents are gone.

Still, I haven’t complained. I was young once too, and my daughter’s room is situated such that there is a room (the office) between her room and the adjoining wall.

Tonight, at about 8:35, the doorbell rang. It was the two teenage daughters. They wanted me to know that they would be having a party tonight and to please forgive them if the music got too loud.

I was cool with that, but I told them that I’d appreciate it if they discouraged people from talking on the walkway the goes up to our shared front porch. People tend to forget about the adjoining unit and the sound echoes in between the two garages. The kids said fine and off they went.

For the last hour and a half, I’ve been hearing voices steadily getting louder and louder. As the voices got louder, the music got louder. About an hour ago, I heard loud voices out on the porch and went down to ask them to please not congregate out there. They said fine, sorry, and off they went.

Then, about a half an hour ago, I heard a voice clearly through the window. I’m not talking through the wall. I’m talking THROUGH THE FREAKING WINDOW! Some of their guests had climbed out of the second story window and were sitting on the roof to dining room outside my office window!

I was LIVID! I opened up the blinds and the voices said, “Sorry! I’m sorry! Didn’t mean to be here. Sorry!”


So I went down and demanded to see the mother. A few minutes passed and she came out. I asked her if she would mind explaining why there were PEOPLE outside my SECOND FLOOR window! And she said, “Oh? There are? Sorry. I’ll make sure it stops.”

I told her that if it happens again, I’m calling the cops.

I went back into my side of the duplex and then up to the office. Pretty soon, I heard the doorbell ring.

Crap! I have a sleeping kid, for crying out loud! (At least I HOPE she’s sleeping, though a big part of me seriously doubts it.)

So I start to go downstairs. Rather than whoever is ringing my doorbell WAITING (novel thought) for me to get to the door, they keep ringing the doorbell. By the time I got to the bottom stairs, they had my screendoor open and were trying to open the door.

Now, if someone doesn’t open the door for you, it can only mean one thing. They don’t want you inside their home!

But no…. These people are trying to come inside my house.

When I got to the door, I looked out the front window, and I swear… There are 40 people on my porch! Four of them are frantically trying to open my front door!

When I opened the door and asked them why they were trying to open it, they said, “We don’t want you to call the cops. Please don’t call the cops. We threw out the people that were outside your window. It won’t happen again. Please don’t call the cops.”

Bloody freaking idiots.

I REALLY need to move!

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