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As much as I love my job (and I really *do* love my job!), I really enjoy the times when I can sit back, prop up my feet, and knit for long stretches of time.  Due to the fact that we didn’t get to go to Ohio this year, I had more time than usual this holiday to do just that.

My first project was a pair of wristwarmers called “Alice’s Mitts”.  I haven’t seen the movie, but apparently the character Alice in the movie “New Moon”, wore a pair of stunning teal and tan wristwarmers.  Lots of Ravelry members have gone absolutely gaga over them!  Some members created patterns.  A couple members dyed yarns for their online stores.

Last year, I knitted “Bella’s Mittens” for my niece Emily, so this year, I decided to make a pair of Alice’s Mitts for my niece Jennifer.  (Next year, I’ll have to make something for my niece Kelsey!  I wonder if she likes the Twilight series too…)

So I ordered the yarn from Bristol County Dyeworks and printed off the pattern from Ravelry so that I could work on them on the way to Ohio.  (One year, I cranked out two scarves and a hat on the way to Ohio.  A pair of wristwarmers would be nothing to finish during the drive!)  The drive didn’t happen, so I spent the two days before Christmas working on them.

As projects go, this one was a cake-walk.  The only difficulty was that the original 30 stitch cast-on wasn’t enough given my tight knitting and the fact that the yarn was more a light-worsted than worsted.  I frogged and did it again with 35 stitches.

The wristwarmers are now done and fit fabulously like the ones from the movie.  And talk about soft!  If I ever need a non-scratchy merino, I’ll be looking to Bristol County Dyeworks again!

Alice's Mitts

Alice's Mitts

Figuring out the next project wasn’t too difficult.  When Little Grump came in to the house the other day, I was pleased to see that she was still wearing the pretty pink Porum that I made for her several months back.  Then… The horror!  I noticed a hole in the hat!  I looked carefully and noticed that there wasn’t just one but FIVE holes in it!  It was also starting to pill pretty badly.

Sigh…  Oh well… At least she enjoyed it!  And she wore it quite a bit.  But no daughter of mine was going to run around in a holey hat!

For ages, I’d wanted to make Ysolda Teague’s Gretel hat.  It had so many cables that I knew that it would be a challenge.  I also knew that I didn’t want to do it unless I could really concentrate on it.

Thanks to the long holiday and a seemingly endless supply of college Bowl games, I knew that I’d have plenty of time to tackle the project.

I have to say that I’m really impressed with Isolda Teague’s patterns.  This isn’t the first one I’ve made, and like the Elijah pattern, the Gretel pattern was well laid out and contained all of the information needed to actually complete the project.

The only problem I had occurred when I was about 2/3 of the way through.  I noticed that I’d mis-crossed a cable about three rows down and nearly hyperventilated!   Little Grump looked at the error and said, “Well, I doubt anyone will notice!”  I would though.  So I took a few deep breaths, dug out an extra pair of DPNs, dropped the afflicted stitches down to the error, corrected it, and then nearly sprained my arm while patting myself on the back.  I was so excited!  I challenged Little Grump to find the correction, but she quickly brought me back to earth by saying, “But mom, I couldn’t find it the first time!  How can you expect me to find your correction?”

Anyway, I’ve finished Gretal now.  As I told my friend Wendy, knitting it was like running a marathon, but it was really fun.  Here’s a picture of it pre-blocking.


Gretel - Pre-blocked

Next up?  Something that is a little more mindless.  I’m thinking of another pair of mitts.  This pair will be done in the same yarn as Little Grump’s new hat.  Maybe I can finish them before vacation ends!

4 thoughts on “Vacation knitting

  1. Batty

    That’s the thing about much-loved knits: they develop holes. But it’s so worth it anyway… at least you know your work is appreciated.

    Those are very nice fingerless mitts, and Gretel is awesome. If I looked any good in berets or slouchy hats, I’d want one just like it.

  2. Lisa

    You mitts are lovely! So glad you were happy with the yarn. Thanks for noting the light-worsted vs. worsted difference. Good to know and I will certainly update our yarn descriptions going forward.

    Happy Knitting


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  4. Knit Witted

    #1 Where in OH do you visit (I live in Lorain)? But frequently visit Salt Lake City where my daughter has settled.

    #2 Could you possibly share your Alice Mitts with me as they’re no longer on ravelry–although they SHOULD be part of the public domain—as they were publicly published before someone decided they would copywright and put in a Vampire Knitting Book (derisive snort!!). Anyway–A friend and her daughters were burned out in a fire a week ago and lost ALL their clothes so–since they and I are both Twi-hards and wanted to get them each a pair out –they’re 12 and 15–before it gets too warm to wear them.

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