Wrap up 2009

It’s time for the end-of-year wrap-up.

This year saw lots of changes at work.  The principal was replaced with an interim principal, and then a new principal was hired over the summer.  So I had three bosses in one year, and they were all very different from each other.  Fortunately, I worked well with each of them.  I have developed a good relationship with my new boss (i.e. she thinks I can do anything!), so life is good at work.

Mr. Grump’s work continued to be busy enough to require him to do some overtime.  He seems to be content, even when it means he has to go in to work on Sunday.  Unfortunately, work interfered with our holiday travel, but he didn’t have to work long hours over the holiday.  So life is good there.

Little Grump turned 16 this year.  While most kids would be chomping at the bit to start driving, she took driving lessons over the summer and then declared that she wasn’t ready for the responsibility of driving.  I’m not sure but the lesson where someone was driving in the wrong direction on the highway and heading towards her might have something to do with it.  Still, I have to respect her when she admits that she isn’t ready.  Most teens are so cocky that they can’t even conceive that anything can go wrong.  She knows better.   She’s not dating anyone right now.  Again, she sees things much more realistically than most teens.  She doesn’t feel like she has the time to devote to a real relationship.   She also doesn’t feel like she needs a boy to make her important.  We’re very proud that she is so independent!

So overall, life is good!  Yeah, we’ve had some bumps, but nothing that got us down for long.  We’re blessed by good friends, and while our family is far away, our hearts are always with them.

At the end of the year, I like to look back over photos that I’ve taken through the year.  Thanks to my new digital SLR, there are thousands.  Most of them are from school.  Many are of Little Grump.  Quite a few are of my knitting.

As I look at my completed projects for the year, I have to admit some amount of pride.  I’ve done some pretty big projects this year.  Equal Parts took me months to complete!  Several were pretty complicated and required concentration.  Many of my projects were baby gifts, and everyone who received those baby gifts were pleased with them.

Knitting Projects 2009

My favorite project of the year are the cabled ones… the Gretel hat and the baby Trellis sweater.  There was a time when I wouldn’t even have tried projects like them.  Now, I not only do them but like them enough to have others see them!

I’ve already got a list of projects a mile long lined up for 2010.  I also have four projects from this year to finish.  It will be interesting to see how many of them I actually do!

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  1. Batty

    Very nice knits! It’s been an interesting year all around, I think. Happy New Year to you and yours, and happy knitting!

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