Little Grump’s Reading Mitts

Yay!  I finished!  Just in time for Little Grump to wear them to school!

Reading Mitts - Before blocking

Little Grump's Reading Mitts

For a bit, I wasn’t sure I was going to finish them in time.

I flew through the first Mitt and a half.  Then the first needle broke.  Then the second.

I knitted on with one Zephyr and one Options needle until I got to what was supposed to be the end of the thumb.  Then I noticed that the thumb section on Mitt #2 was about a half inch off Mitt #1.


I frogged back to right before the thumb area and tried again.  This time, the two thumb areas came out even.

I proceeded at a good clip until I got to the last turn section on Mitt #2.  Then I realized that I’d lost a stitch somewhere.


More frogging.  I found the location of the missed stitch in the lace section, fortunately only a half dozen or so rows down.

I finally finished.

Little Grump tried them on and declared them “perfect”.

This is a project I would do again in a heartbeat.  The knitting was simple (even though I managed to screw it up), and the mitts look really classy.

I’d also use the Cascade Lana d’Oro again.  My friend Rebecca was absolutely correct when she said that it’s an awesome yarn.  It’s a mixture of Alpaca and Wool.  I frequently found myself sneaking a touch at the inside of the mitts to feel the softness.  The yarn bled a bit when I blocked it, but not so much that it didn’t stop.  Since intense colors tend to bleed in even the best yarn, I can be forgiving this time!  Because… oh!  I can’t explain the softness!  You have to feel!

I don’t think you’re going to get a chance to try these gloves though.  Little Grump adores them, and it’s supposed to be a COLD week in Texas!

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