And then, panic sets in

The packers are supposed to come tomorrow, and toys and game pieces are still scattered all over the playroom. Yes, I know the packers will pack everything. (One friend said that her packers even neatly packed and inventoried a bag of garbage.) But I don’t want to spend the next 2 months sorting through boxes just so Ellie can play “Don’t Break the Ice.”

And then…

We’ve lived here 4 years, and never done anything really stupid (other than the occasional dropped cup of coffee.)

Before that, we’ve lived at various other places. Never did anything monumentally stupid there either.

We move out of this place in less than 5 days.

Tonight, Alan helped Ellie get her shower started. We always insist on checking the water temperature because the water heater sometimes doesn’t work or it heats the water so hot that you have to be careful. So he opened the end of the shower door closest to the shower head and tested the temperature. Then he shut the door.

Or so he thought.

Ellie used the shower, and didn’t realize that the shower door wasn’t shut all the way.

A little while ago, we heard a drip, drip, drip sound that seemed to be getting faster. We looked and looked and finally found the leak… in a closet. By this time, water is pouring through the ceiling of the coat closet off the foyer on the first floor.


I wonder if the landlord is going to be angry.

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