Good Knight!


My friend Annie is an AWESOME teacher!  She’s kind, considerate, intelligent, creative, and believes that teaching should include more than the things that can be learned from a book.  She challenges her students to be “knights”… respectful, brave, honest, kind,  The fact that she brings me Starbucks once a week is just icing on the cake!

So when I drew her name from the Secret Valentine Pal basket, I was thrilled.  I knew exactly what I wanted to make for her.  And, with an unexpected snow day and a school holiday, I had enough time to finish it.

The pattern is from Alan Dart’s “Tales of Yore” series that appeared in Simply Knitting magazine.  I’d been wanting to make this little guy since I first saw the picture in the magazine.  I knew he’d be perfect for Annie, and I was right.

He’s made completely from scraps from my stash.  I used mainly Paton’s Classic Merino, which is heavier than the recommended yarn, but worked well anyway.

I knitted the pattern pretty much as written.  There were three exceptions:

1.  I embroidered the “K” on the tunic instead of using duplicate stitch.  (Annie’s last name starts with ‘K’.)  I tried duplicate stitch, but it looked like crap.

2.  The pattern said to glue on the nose piece for the helmet.  I don’t glue things on my stuffies unless there’s no way to sew it.  In this case, it was easy to sew.

3.  This is the big one… The pattern says to stuff the body with the bumpy side out, and the head and arms are supposed to be knit so that the upper arm and back of the head are bumpy.  I somehow missed the difference in the knitting of the arms and head until I sewed the body up with the smooth side out.  As I was contemplating re-knitting the body (when I hide my seaming, I hide it well!), I noticed that I hadn’t done the arms and head correctly.  So I said, “Whatever!” and finished it off with the pieces that I had already knit.  The end result is that my knight doesn’t look like he’s wearing chain mail.

Annie says it doesn’t matter!  She loves him!  She says that she will have to fight her daughters to keep them from stealing him.

I’m pleased with him too, even though the assembly took me the better part of a day to finish.  Each of the pieces is knit flat and then seamed, so it’s a bit fiddly.  Still, the results are SO worth it!  Mr. Grump now wants me to knit the whole set!

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