After first day of packing

They packed my slippers.

If I lived in Texas already, I’d understand a brain fade of not understanding that one might need such a thing. But we live in freaking Illinois! And it was COLD yesterday!

What were they bloody thinking?

The packing of the slippers wasn’t the worst brain fart on my part. (I really should have put them in a place where they couldn’t be packed… On my feet!) They also packed toilet paper, garbage bags, ziplock bags, the peanut butter, and a whole bunch of other things that made us sit there and scratch our heads. And this morning, we woke up to a beeping sound inside one of the boxes. It seems that they somehow set Ellie’s alarm clock, and it was going off! We growled, threw the box in the guest room, but of course, I couldn’t get back to sleep.

Anyway, I’m sitting here right now, surrounded by the few boxes that they didn’t get loaded yesterday. The mover has a tally of almost 500 boxes on his inventory so far, and they still have to box the electronics, this computer, a printer, my scanner, and a few assorted other things, I expect Alan will power this computer down before he goes to sleep tomorrow night, and it won’t be turned back on.

Our hope is to be out of here by noon on Monday, though realistically, it might be even later.

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