I’m in Texas!

(writing from a laptop with a broken screen… 🙁 )

We arrived in Texas last night at around 8 PM, and I was so exhausted and wobbly that I couldn’t even think straight. It’s amazing what 10 hours in a car will do to the human body.

We’re going to be heading out this morning at around 10 or so to sign the lease. They wouldn’t give hubby the keys to the house until my signature was on the lease. Something related to Sept 11 and wanting to know exactly who was living in the residence. Then we’re going to stop by the house to check that everything is OK, make a checklist of anything that isn’t quite right, and to find out the color of the appliances. (We were going to buy a refrigerator for the place over the weekend, but hubby didn’t think to check the appliance color, and the last thing I wanted was a grossly mismatched refrigerator.)

Tomorrow, the stuff arrives at the house at 8 AM, so tomorrow is going to be another long day.

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