a few notes from the files of a frazzled wanderer

We looked at the house on Wednesday. The back fence, which separates us from the school, is partially knocked down. The family room and master bedroom have no curtains. This isn’t good. We called the landlord and said, “Hey! Fix this!” After some hemming and hawing, they finally agree. Since there wasn’t any gas in the house yet, we couldn’t stay there.

Thursday, the moving van arrived, and several people tumbled off the truck to introduce themselves. Alan, already tired and none too thrilled, is ticked because he has to go to work.

A guy walked up and said, “Hi! I’m Ron.”

Alan snapped, “I’m leaving.” and walked off.

As the guy walked into the house next door, I gave a rather mortified groan and said, “Alan, I think that was the next door neighbor.”

Yeah, we’re off on the right foot.

The house had no heat until about noon, and it was cold outside. When the gas guy arrived, I wanted to hug him, even though he looked like a reject from “Beverly Hillbillies”.

By 1 pm, everything was off the truck. As I roamed around the house, I found that several of the things that people had specifically asked me where to take were in the wrong rooms. Oh well. At least it looked like everything arrived.

We worked until about 8 PM to get things unpacked, but we still couldn’t find the bedding. We gave up and went back to the interim apartment.

Friday, we got up and went to the mall to purchase a refrigerator. We went in with one refrigerator in mind. We left with the refrigerator Ellie picked out. Don’t ask. It’s a long story.

We then went to the school to register Ellie for school. When the principal found out where we lived, she said, “Gee, that’s YOUR fence, right?”

The school is gorgeous! Very clean. About 7 years old. On the front is a huge banner declaring their Exemplary status.

Everyone on the staff seemed really nice, and I noticed a few things right off that impress me. First, the school allowed the kids to go right into the school in the morning (rather than requiring them to stand outside in all but 10 below weather). Second, the school has a carefully organized welcome packet with everything we would want to know about the school. Third, parents are invited to come and have lunch or breakfast with the kids whenever they want.

Very cool. There’s hope.

We spent the rest of Friday and Saturday unpacking. We took emptied boxes and stacked them up in front of the master bedroom windows. It’s not pretty, but at least it’s private.

Sometime on Saturday, we looked over at the school and saw a Christmas tree lit up in one of the rooms. It looked very cool, even though I know that in other states, this would be considered a sue-able offense.

Sometime on Saturday, I was in the master bedroom (trying to find my clothes) and Alan was upstairs unpacking the office. Ellie was downstairs, playing a video game. Suddenly, I heard a voice. When I went out to the foyer, a woman was standing there with a couple, yelling at Alan because the realtor lockbox is still on the front door. Like it’s his fault.

Sunday, the fridge was delivered. At last, we could have meals at home. Thank God. I can only stand so much fast food.

Today, Ellie started school. The teacher seems really nice and very willing to help Ellie get up to speed. They have been working on multiplication and division since October. Ellie’s old school hasn’t started it at all. Fortunately, Ellie’s quick.

I still haven’t found most of my clothes, but we’re quickly running out of rooms. Unfortunately, our garage is stuffed with boxes, so that’s where we’ll have to go if I don’t find them in the last of the house boxes.

BTW, I’m exhausted.

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