Added costs of moving

The part about moving that just kills me are the installation people. It’s like some weird culture or something.

These days, they all carry around those plastic clipboards that open up to hold more paper. They seem to be color-coded somehow. The gas guy was yellow. The cable guy is lime green. The phone person was neon pink (though I honestly wouldn’t have seen her if I didn’t just happen to walk out the door when she was here). A couple days ago, there was some guy from the city here to mark where wires are buried in our yard (before the fence repair people come in). His clipboard was bright blue.

The sales people are a hoot too, or would be if I’d been liberally sipping from the bottle of brandy I found during the move. The phone person lost me half-way through her explanation, but when we started talking about the pricing differences if we purchased DSL from them, my eyes glazed over. I finally said, “Bottom line… what is the best value for my money. Please talk slowly and itemize it for me. You have to understand. Moving has made me stupid.” Even then, I somehow missed the fact that we got voice mail with our service. I didn’t realize it until I went to make a phone call yesterday and received the familiar voice mail tone. (It took me another 20 minutes to figure out how to get the voice mail!)

The installation people are the most insane though. Most of them, it seems, go to ridiculous measures to have it be known that they’ve given exemplary service. For instance, the cable guy came out to install the cable. This house is about 6 years old, I think, so one could assume that all the wiring is fairly new. Right? Wrong! He laid down a new cable going out to the box (“I don’t know for sure how long this cable has been here, so I’m just going to string a new one and have them come bury it.”) and is doing some super intricate “tests” to verify that the outlets are working. (Me: “Just hook up the converter and turn it on. If it works, you’re done.” Him: “Ma’am, that wouldn’t be very good service. We can do better than that.”)

I guess these guys have to do something to justify the installation charges.

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