Happy New Year!

2011.01.01 Bench

I got into a funk with my blog last year. I figured that this year, I’d pay my blog a bit more attention. I’ve resolved to post something every day, but I know me well enough to know that I’ll lose that resolve if I don’t have a specific goal.

For the last few years, I’ve watched the 365 project with interest. The goal is to take one photograph a day for the entire year. It’s a test of creativity, but it’s also a way to summarize a year in a person’s life.

So here’s my first photo.

I took it with my new Christmas gift, a fisheye lens. I used the manual settings on my camera, and since I don’t know the purpose of many of the settings, it’s easy to mess things up.

However, I like this shot. It’s kind of like the beginning of a year… Everything’s bright and shiny and there’s no way to see what comes next.

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