Longhorn Fan hat

1.03.2011 Longhorn Fan hat

My first finished project of the year…

I made this hat for Mr. Grump, but then Mr. Grump assured me that he only wears baseball caps.

Excuse me while I glare at him with my Grump face!

I’m better now. Fortunately, I know some people who are knit-worthy. Maybe my pal the art teacher (who I suppose I shall call Ms. Art) or one of her men will wish to wear it. (They are most certainly knit-worthy!)

The yarn Berroco Comfort. I normally hate acrylic or acrylic blends, but this is killer soft and didn’t kill my hands. It’s also washable, which is a bit plus.

And look at the color! Is that Texas Longhorns color or what?

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