Friendly folks

This is cool! Ellie got invited to her first party here. It turns out that the poison dart frog boy is having a Christmas party and invited Ellie to come. We were going to see The Lord of the Rings tonight, but she said that it would be bad to hurt his feelings, especially since she was new and needed to make friends. The child is so wise for her years!

So while Ellie went to her party, we went to a little Tex Mex joint not far from our house. It’s not so close to the mall so the there wasn’t even a wait. We had the seafood enchiladas, which were really yummy. I had a Texas tea, which has completely knocked me out. As soon as Ellie gets home, I’m going to bed.


When I dropped Ellie off at the party, the parents of the boy absolutely gushed over how happy they were that we moved to the area. It seems that their boy (Hayden) doesn’t have any friends that enjoy science as much as he does. And they were thrilled to see that their child was forced to look into his facts. (Turns out that Ellie knew more about frogs than he does.)

The thing that I absolutely cannot get accustomed to is hearing parents so happy about the school. I’m used to crabby parents, folks who can’t find anything nice to say about the school. It’s just weird. Sometimes I feel like I’ve been abducted and taken to another planet!

The other thing that I can say about Texas is that the people are incredibly nice. Maybe it’s just the different between being in a upper middle class neighborhood as opposed to a lower middle class neighborhood. But it just seems that everyone goes out of their way to be nice. The other day, I was Christmas shopping, and the lady in line next to me, who I didn’t know from Adam, game me one of her coupons (for 25% off) even though she was planning to use it herself. (“Oh, now, it wouldn’t be fair for me to get a bigger discount than y’all.”)

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