Mayte’s Mitts

If you looked at my job title, you would never expect some of the duties that I actually fulfill in my job.  The joke among people in the district with my job is that the last bullet point in the job description actually describes most of what we do.

“Other duties as assigned.”

Basically, it means that whatever the principal, staff, and district thinks we need to do may be asked of us.

I don’t mind all that much most of the time.  It gives me lots of variety in my job.  I never expect to do the same thing one day as I did the day before.  Sometimes, I get to do silly things (like creating a mock bottle label as a pick-me-up for teachers who are stressed over state testing).  Sometimes, I have to do weird things (like buying earthworms at the local Wal-mart).  But sometimes the “other duties” are just unpleasant.  (Not that earthworms are all that pleasant…)

Today’s “other duties” included changing the outdoor marquee, which wouldn’t have been all that demanding had it not been for the fact that the temperature with wind chill factor figured in was below freezing.

Since I’m a knitter, you wouldn’t think that would be any big deal.  However, it seems that I spend much more time knitting for others than I do knitting for myself.  So out of all of the fingerless mitts that I’ve knitted, I don’t have a pair.

I mocked myself on Facebook for frozen hands.  The responses from my friends were pretty funny, but the best reaction of all came from my friend Mayte.  When I sat down with her at dinner and commented on her mitts, she took them off and GAVE them to me!

How cool are these?

01.11.2011 Mayte's Mitts

Now, I’ve always that that Mayte was a pretty fabulous person, but now I’m looking for an even more appropriate word!  The mitts are colorful and fit perfectly!

Tomorrow I have to do even more “other duties”, and once again, I’ll find myself out next to the marquee.  However, thanks to Mayte, I will no longer have frozen hands!

Thank you, Mayte!

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