Hermie the wonder hammy goes exploring

When we travel, it’s not just a matter of transporting hubby, daughter, and me. We also need to take my daughter’s hamster with us, because we don’t know anyone in Texas who we would trust with the little guy. So when we left, hubby brought out the cage and placed it in the back of the car. But because we know that the water bottle leaks alot if left in the cage, he took it out. I pointed out to my hubby that this left a fairly substantial hole in the top of the cage through which Hermie the hammy could escape, but hubby assured me that since the hole was in the middle of the top of the roof, the hamster couldn’t possibly escape.


The day of driving passed uneventfully, but around about Memphis, I started hearing scratching noises in the back of the Jeep. I speculated that Hermie might have escaped, but hubby assured me that this just was not possible.


By about 10 PM, we decided that we’d had it with driving for the day. So hubby stopped at a hotel to see if there were any vacancies. While he was inside the lobby, I flipped on a flashlight. Sure enough, our fat little hamster was running around the back of the Jeep!

I tried to catch him, but he was obviously too excited about his newfound freedom to let some measly human catch him. So then I popped open the door of the cage and tossed a couple dried apple pieces inside. Hermie quickly b-lined up the ramp created by the open door. I slammed the door behind him and then started chuckling about who was smarter. Hermie answered by scampering up the wall of the cage and back out the hole. When hubby returned, he was met with my daughter sobbing (“Hermie’s going to get out and then he’ll be so cold!”), me madly trying to locate him again with the flashlight, and the people in the cars lined up behind ours gaping through the back window.

But I guess I am smarter. I did manage to get him back in the cage again. The dried apple trick worked twice. Dumb hamster!

This time, I emptied the water bottle and used the bottle to plug the hole.

Moral of the story… Never underestimate the intelligence of a hamster… or me!

So tonight, we’re setting off on another trip. This time, it’s shorter, only an hour or so NW of here, where my father and one brother live. Then it’s back to here to wait for Santa.

Later this week or early next, we’ll head back to Texas. Another 16 1/2 hour (plus stops) drive.

Whoo hoo! Isn’t Christmas fun?

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