This school year has been so unbelievably busy! Most of my work has been created by the fact that we’re getting new hardware for the first time in three years. While it’s been a blast to use all of this stuff and get it into action, it’s also been an enormous amount of work.

The delivery of the day was a load of Dell NetBook computers that will be used in classrooms as mobile labs. After school, I had my Computer Club kids (both first and second years) help me name 22 of them and add them to the school network. Then they got to get onto one of our favorite educational game sites and play some games. (I consider it a stress test of the network!) It was a blast!

After the kids left, I was more than a little horrified at the amount of packing material that was left behind. One or two teachers came and snagged a bunch of boxes, but there was still quite a bit of rubble left behind!

01.18.2011 Rubble

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