Girl Scout Cookies

This year is the first time in over ten years that Little Grump isn’t selling Girl Scout cookies.

Ten years.  That sounds like an awfully long time!

I’m tried to do a mental tally today of how many boxes of cookies Little Grump sold during her years in Girl Scouts.  It has to be in the thousands.  Her average was over 100 a year.  That’s a bunch of cookies!

Now that she’s older, she decided that it was a waste of time to try to sell cookies.  She’s an older teen, and people don’t seem to want to buy cookies from her or her friends any longer.  Maybe the cute little girls in their sweet little brown vests are more appealing to buyers.  Or maybe people are afraid that others will think that they’re trying to pick up women.  Whatever the case, she barely made her average last year.  So this year, she and her troop decided that the time had come to give up that activity.

So I actually had to track down a Girl Scout to get my cookies this year.  (I work in a school.  You’d think that I’d be buried in attempts to sell me Girl Scout cookies.  But no… Not a one has approached me!)

Fortunately this time of year, there’s almost always a Girl Scout outside plaza shops over the weekend.  I found mine outside my favorite grocery store.

Not so surprisingly, there wasn’t a cute little girl in sight.  Instead, two moms held down the fort at the sales table.  The girls had gone off to find something to drink or something.  Having been in these moms’ position on more than one occasion, I couldn’t help but laugh!

01.29.2011 Girl Scout Cookies

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