The Last Caramel

My friend Micki is a genius.  She spins yarn that is perfection, and she makes homemade caramels that are way better than any that you can buy at a store.

I look forward to Christmas because I know that Micki will make caramels.  This year, we got lucky because Micki made an extra large batch.  My daughter and I have shared quite a few, but today we had to decide the fate of the very last caramel for the year.

02.03.2011 The Last One

We asked ourselves WWMD (What would Micki do?), and cut it in half.

2 thoughts on “The Last Caramel

  1. Lynn

    I’ve eaten some of those caramels myself. [Greater love hath no mom than this, that she share the last caramel with her child.]

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