Eternal Knot – continued

The extra time off for snow days has been useful to me in one respect.  I’ve taken the time to work on the Eternal Knot afghan that I’m making for my sister-in-law’s charity auction.

I ordered 10 skeins (2000 yards) of Ella Rae Amity for the project.  I used about half of the first for the cast-on edge.  Since then, I’ve done five repeats of the main pattern and used about 3 1/2 skeins.  The afghan is 42″ wide.  At this point, it’s about 10 1/2″ long.  So I figure I’m about 1/4 done.

By my math, I think I’m going to be short on yarn.  Assuming that the cast-off edge uses the rest of the skein that I used to cast on, I need about five more skeins.  (10-1-14=-5… Five short.  I think that’s right.)

Looks like I need to order more yarn.  Bummer.  I’m glad that I chose an affordable yarn!

I’m not totally disliking the pattern, but I’m not totally loving it either.  I keep thinking how much more enjoyable this would be if I was using Malabrigo instead.  But imagine the cost!  (15 skeins of Malabrigo would cost about $130+shipping!)

As affordable yarns go, Amity isn’t the worst I’ve ever used.  Still, I doubt I’ll ever use it again after this.  I read a forum post on Ravelry where someone thought that yarns have personalities.  If that’s the case, Amity would be the  friendly acquaintance that you wouldn’t necessarily want to take out for drinks or rely on if you were to get stuck in a bad spot.  Amity tends to split, and if you drop a stitch, picking it up causes it to split and turn to fuzz.  But it gets the job done, and it looks nice (but not spectacular) when it’s done.

Still, I think the result is going to be beautiful, and if someone can’t appreciate it, they’re an even bigger fiber snob than I am.

02.05.2011 Eternal Knot

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