I finished something!

Today, my knitting pals and I had a Cabin Fever Relief Fiber gathering at our usual haunt in Mansfield.  One of the big topics was the weather and what we did over the week.  We kept looking across the street at a fountain that was frozen over solid when we got there.  This was despite the 50 degree day on Saturday and temperatures that were nearly 60 on Sunday.  When I left, I stopped and took a picture.

02.06.2011 The Fountain

The gathering was great for restoring my sanity, but it was also a good time to get some projects finished up.  I’d been working on a baby gift for one of my co-workers (isn’t there ALWAYS someone expecting?) before I got sick a couple weeks ago, but I hadn’t finished.

Miss Jones

This baby hat is a variation of the Miss Dashwood hat from Knitty.com.  I have wanted to do the pattern for a long time, and with summer coming up, I thought that a summer hat might be needed.  I modified the pattern a bit (deleted the rows with bobbles, added an eyelet row and ribbon, and skipped the earflaps), and I really love the result.  Hubby thought that the green polka dot bow should have been white, but Little Grump and I agreed that it gave the hat a little extra pop.

Confection Baby Shrug

I also made the Confection Baby Shrug, a free pattern off Ravelry.  Again, I made some modifications.  The original shrug had ribbing along the cuffs.  I nixed that and replaced it with an eyelet row and a picot edging to match the hat.  The pattern was so easy, and it was great to see how the concept of a raglan sleeve works.  (Between the crazy Eternal Knot afghan and this project, I might be ready to make an actual adult-sized sweater!)

Both of these projects were made in Blue Sky Alpaca’s Worsted Cotton.  I’d never used it before, but I’m positive that I’ll use it again!  It’s so soft and less splitty than other cottons that I’ve used.  The only drawback is that it isn’t machine washable.  Hoppefully the mom-to-be will forgive me for that!

There’s one more piece to this gift that I’m working on.  Since I still had some time, I started a little stuffed toy with the left-over cotton.  Alas, I was having so much fun talking that I didn’t finish that!

2 thoughts on “I finished something!

  1. Harriett

    I take a photo of that fountain every time it freezes because I think it’s so pretty. Have you noticed the new Prayer Garden in front of this church? The pastor’s son, a classmate of my daughter, died this year of Leukemia and donations paid for a beautiful garden out front.

  2. Grace Post author

    Thanks for the background! That’s not my church, but I drive by it frequently enough to appreciate the beauty of it.

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