Special Valentines

I love my job… most of the time.  Granted, I earn less in my job now than I did in my first job out of college 25 years ago, but it’s not about the money.  I really believe that… most days.

Then I have afternoons like this one, when someone decided that she HAD to get in my face about something that, in my opinion, was the wrong hill to die over.  She wanted what she wanted, and my failure to deliver it to her the second that she wanted it meant that I deserved to be yelled at and treated like I was a complete idiot.  At times like that, I feel like there’s no way that I make enough money.

Fortunately, I had the sense earlier today to take some pictures of Valentines that the students had left for the teachers in the main hallway at the school.  When I got home, I unloaded the pictures and looked at the Valentines again.  Then I remembered… THAT is why I do what I do!

02.14.2011 Valentine's Day

I love these Valentines.  They’re personal, sweet, and funny, especially since I know the kids.  They likely didn’t realize it when they wrote the notes, but those kids keep me going!

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