In celebration of our first anniversary

As of tomorrow, we will have been in Texas one exactly one year. It’s hard for me to believe!

Texas has been good to us. I can’t say enough good things about the school. The people have been very kind. And being active in the PTA and Girl Scouts has allowed me to get to know some folks.

Today, we started to decorate the house for Christmas. We didn’t decorate for Christmas last year. (It’s hard to concentrate on tinsel and ornaments when you’re still trying to locate your underwear!) So I really wanted to decorate big for Christmas this year.

We didn’t get far though. We couldn’t find the Christmas tree stand. So I went out to the garage to dig through the last of the boxes that I never unpacked.

Much to my disgust, I never found the stand. (Didn’t find the backs to the patio chairs that I had looked for earlier this year.) I did find a bunch of other things that I’d forgotten we had. I also found about $50 in change in various containers that the movers had shoved in wherever. And the pair of champagne glasses that we used on our wedding night. (Thanks to Alan’s sister!) And a brand new lampshade (with no lamp… dunno how that happened!). And about 4 boxes of stuff for a garage sale.

I think the biggest benefit of moving is that we have gotten rid of so much junk. When we moved to Chicago, we had so much stuff that we needed to store half of it in a storage garage. I shudder when I think of the amount of money we spent storing stuff that we didn’t need. Never again!

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