This isn’t my week

Yesterday was a hum-dinger of a day. I was juggling two clients: one wanted a major site update and the other wanted their new web site launched. Along with that, I was trying to get Ellie’s Girl Scout troop registered to march in a parade on Saturday. Then one of the clients called and was experiencing big email problems. And on top of that, I felt a sinus infection coming on and there were the inevitable Epinions issues to attend to. Joy oh joy.

By the time we went to Girl Scouts, I was exhausted.

But I got everything done that was expected of me. Well, almost. I didn’t parent Ellie as closely as I should have, and she failed to complete all the reading she was supposed to have done. Oh well… It’s not the end of the world.

Anyway, today, I woke up with the resolve that today would be much less hectic than yesterday. When I got to the library for my usual Tuesday morning volunteer work, I found the librarian was out. The poor sub that the district had sent knew NOTHING about how to attend to the library. So I spent the morning training her and taking care of as much of the library stuff as I could.

The sub was nice, and I really felt sorry for her. As I was leaving the school, I ran into a parent who is also a teacher’s aide at the school, and she told me about another time when the district sent someone that they shouldn’t have. I guess the vice-principal had assured her that the district wouldn’t do that. Well, they did.

Fortunately, the sub was a great sport about the whole thing. I’m sure it was discouraging for her, and she said more than once that I should be getting paid for the work I done there.

Wouldn’t that be nice?

Anyway, now I’m home. The sinus infection is in full force. I just want to sleep. But I can’t. More client work. I still need to find our blasted Christmas tree stand. And I need to decorate the outside of the house and hopefully still find some time for walking this afternoon.

But now I’m feeling kinda bummed. Over two years ago, one of my e-pals told me about this company in Detroit that employs consultants to go out to homes and small businesses to resolve computer problems and to instruct people how to use their computers. This is just the kind of thing that I’ve been told I’m great at. At the time, the company wasn’t in the Chicago area yet, but they had a place on their web site to file an application in case they expanded there later. So I filled it out and never heard anything again.

A couple weeks ago, I received an email from the company. It said that they were expanding to Chicago and were interested in talking to me. I went to the web site and re-filed my information, this time with the DFW area (where they don’t have locations either).

Today, I received another email. This one gushed that they would love to talk to me because my qualifications were exactly what they needed. The email contained a link to go register for a meeting time. I was excited! But when I went to the web site, I found that they wanted me for the Chicago area still.


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