How’s this for irony?

When we first moved into this house, we knew no one. And, as luck would have it, on our first week at the new school, we ended up locked out of our house. Our neighbor was a saint though. He invited us into his home and let us hang out there until we could get back into our house. (I even wrote about it!)

Time goes on. A couple weeks ago, the guy’s wife told us that her sister and two nieces were going to be coming to live with her and her husband. The sister was getting a divorce and was going to be staying there until she could get on her feet again. The older girl is a year older than Ellie. The younger one is in Kindergarten.

Today, it was raining as it was a year ago when we got locked out. I was playing a game, and Ellie was upstairs playing with a friend. Then the door rang. It was the two girls. They had forgotten their keys and their mother and aunt weren’t home as expected. So they were drenched and didn’t have a clue of where to go.

It’s kind of cool how karma works out sometimes. Ever since our neighbor were such a good Samaritans to us, we have been hoping for a chance to repay them. And suddenly, there it was on our doorstep… a tad embarrassed and soaked to the bone.

So we invited them in, gave them some dry clothes, threw their wet ones into the dryer, had the girls call their mom, and introduced the girls to Ellie and her friend. Her friend didn’t seem too happy to have her one-on-one time with Ellie interrupted (she hasn’t had many chances to play with Ellie of late), but they all ended up having a fabulous time together.

After the girls left, Ellie’s friend admitted that the two girls were “really cool”. Ellie thought they were really nice and was happy to have the chance to repay the favor that their uncle had done us what seems like ages ago.

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