Drill here

A common sight in the area these days.

03.28.2011 Drilled

One would hope that this kind of drilling is somehow helping to send some money to the schools in the area. One would also hope that the districts that get the money will actually use it.

One would hope.

Work continues on the yearbook. I’ve got pictures of all except for one student. I’ve narrowed the list of parents who incorrectly chose the option to limit the use of photographs to everything (including yearbooks) down to four or five. I only have two more group pictures to take. In short, I’m getting there.

I’m so tired… I can probably sleep for a week.

On the bright side, I won a skein of yarns in a drawing for Mountain Colors yarn. Yay! I love their Twizzle yarn! I made a moebius out of it once, and it’s one of my favorite projects ever. Thank you Mountain Colors!

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